Depending on the type of the tile you choose, you can have a front tile and a back tile.

The front tile is displayed by default and the back tile is displayed when the cursor hovers the tile or every few seconds.

Tile Background

Choose a Color or Image for the tile background.

For more information on how to use:

Caption Positions

Switch between the TOP, CENTER and BOTTOM tab to add the content to the top of tile, the center or the bottom of the tile.


Type the text you want for your tile. You can use the format buttons to define headings, alignment, weight, colors and add icons to the text. or more information about the controls, check the next link

You will need to use Markdown to add text to your tile. If you don't know much about Markdown read more about it on our Markdown syntax in BindTuning article.

Caption Background

Defines a background for your caption. Tiles can have 3 captions, one at the TOP, one at CENTER and another at the BOTTOM of the tile - depending on where you add your content.